What is Transformative Negotiation?

The definition of negotiation comes from the Latin roots neg and otium, not + leisure, and means to carry on business, or to formally discuss with the intention of coming to agreement (usually in the context of business). My definition starts with communication with another for the purpose of modifying his or her behavior to satisfy your wants or needs (and your partner’s). But it doesn’t end there.

Transformative negotiation is about connection: connecting with yourself, with your partner, and with the universe.



Michèle Huff, author, lawyer, mindful negotiator.

When you bring a mindful state of being to negotiating, you’re more open to connections, the cornerstone of transformative negotiation. You are an active listener. You know how to clearly articulate your wants and needs. You’re well-prepared for the negotiation. You understand the context –cultural, linguistic, social–of the negotiation. You have a broad perspective, and see leverage and options. And with that, you are able to successfully achieve your goals and your partner’s goals, without doing harm.

The Transformative Negotiator is a beautifully written meditation on the art of human interaction. Huff writes from the heart, not just the head. The book is easy to read, with practical advice and an engaging wide range of stories about how to come to agreement.

Natalie Goldberg

Bestselling author of Writing Down the Bones, Wild Mind, and The True Secret of Writing